How can we assist You?

   Examples of our services:


  • Risk assesement
  • Security solutions
  • Professional rescue divers
  • Rescuers/Lifeguards in boat, on board or in kayaks
  • Standby boat/rescue boat (RIB).
  • Jetski with rescue-sled.
  • Reconnaissance of an area (before/during/after activity).
  • Mobile water tank/aquarium (for exercises/display/filming etc.)
  • First Aid courses/rescue from quay/ diver related First Aid. 

 SafeInWater is Your serious partner at:

Events, filming locations, TRI, OCR race, adventure race, sea swimming, harbor party, water festival, safety, water safety, courses and much more.      

Allow us to focus on safety.

Then you can focus on other aspects of your Event.